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How can we assist you in organising and/or decluttering your life today?
Professional Organiser

professional-organiser-hollyHolly Whale

With 15 years in recruitment consultancy behind her, Holly retrained as a life coach and trainer-facilitator. In that time, she has moved her family across continents, cities and suburbs and learnt what it takes to unstuff her life.

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Decluttering Experts

sydney decluttering experts

Why Hire A Declutter Expert?

Here are the Top 3 Reasons

1. Decluttering Experts Make You Get Around to It

There is always something else to do. You have been endeavouring to “get around to it” for sometime.

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Professional Organiser

professional-organiser-lynneLynne Trevail

Lynne Trevail is a trained life coach, teacher and professional organiser.

Her goal is to help people cope with the busy demands of life, family and work by creating order and calm.  She took a stand against clutter and learnt the discipline of living with less.

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