Decluttering Services AND MORE



Need another service other than decluttering?

Our clients turn to us for hands-on decluttering support and other professional organising services in many situations including:

  • Preparing a property for sale/house move
  • Home office setup
  • Deceased estate
  • Downsizing
  • Arrival of a new baby or house guests
  • Wardrobe make-over
  • Spring clean

As well as decluttering and organising your home and home office we have become renowned for:

  • Personalised consultations
  • Life coaching
  • Setting up of long-term home organisational strategies and goals
  • Virtual Organising – Skype or Phone
  • Corporate Speaking and Training
  • Storage solutions

A Simple Philosophy

There is a 20:80 rule of thumb that applies to all the stuff in your life. So you don’t just wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, it applies your kitchen utensils, linen, paperwork and more.

We believe that less is always more. It’s hard to make these decisions yourself. We’re not attached to that designer bargain that never really suited you and you’ve never worn, and we can hit your home office with the objective eye that you’ll never have when you live and work that space.

Unstuff works in partnership with you to transform your clutter into a haven of peace and order. We make the process easy, leaving you with space to breathe again.


“I recommend Unstuff to anyone who needs their home sorting out. They are calm, supportive and completely focussed on improving your environment – even just one day made a huge difference!” Kirsty, Randwick